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Ever had aches or pains? Discomfort in Joints or Muscles? Sporting Injury?

Want to relieve and eliminate it?

The majority of such pain can come from the body simply not knowing how to use muscles correctly. If every muscle in the body functioned as they should, then most people's pain could vanish.

Imagine every muscle in the body is an elastic band, and when you move e.g. walking, every elastic band will lengthen then shorten at different rates and speeds. If one of those elastic bands does not stretch because of lack of movement or impact for example, then other elastic bands need to work harder to make up for that. Discomfort could be because of the elastic bands that work too hard or not hard enough.

I will find which elastic band(s) aren't functioning correctly, then lengthen them with certain exercises so each elastic band does only the job its supposed to do.

Through motion based techniques, we will work together to re-establish the link between muscles and restore the full function of the body.

K5 also offers a full range of massage services, with an emphasis being on enhancing your recuperation, regeneration, recovery and relaxation.
 I advise anyone who takes their health and fitness seriously should make massage therapy an integral part of their overall plan.

Treatments include: Sports Massage 30-45min Treatment
  Myofascial Release (Deep Tissue)  30-45min Treatment
  Relaxation Massage: Total Body                   60 min
Back Neck Shoulders     30 min
Lower Body                  30 min

                          Marc Edwards, Personal Training, K5 Health and Fitness, Stratford Upon Avon, Cardiff, Rehabilitation

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