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FASTER Health and Fitness                             Diploma in Functional Performance – Level 4                            

Defining function. Functional biomechanics and muscle functions of the total body, Various Assessments, 1000’s of new exercises, The ability to design a functional exercise session,
An effective system for keeping clients injury-free, A unique way of motivating clients to enjoy and perform in training, A new set of strategies for improving fitness and performance.
Following on from an AFT (level 3), This is a NVQ Level 4 course. With personal direction from one of the countries leading minds in Health and Fitness, I am fortunate enough benefit from such a comprehensive qualification. I am able to express knowledge of the body’s joints to predict both normal and dysfunctional motions so that we can prevent injury and prevent less than optimal performance. I can describe movements in 3 planes of motion and predict joint motion, sequencing, timing, rotations and transitions by looking at the movement driver.  

Premier Training International                       Diploma in Personal Training (Dip. PT).        

Human Anatomy & Physiology Skeletal, Neuromuscular, Cardiovascular, Respiratory & Energy Systems, Muscle Actions, Exercise analysis and the effects of Exercise
Components Of Fitness

Warm Up, Cool Down, Resistance Training for different results, CV Training, Flexibility Principles and variables of Fitness Teaching Skills / Lesson Planning, Exercise Progression & Adaptation, Planning and Delivery of Weight & Gym Programmes

 Exercise Safety Safe and Effective Exercises and alternatives, Spotting Techniques, Gym Safety and Maintenance, Screening & Referral  (Including CHD risk identification)
 Professional  Considerations                    Teaching Skills, Client Care & Motivation, Exercise adherence, Aerobic Training (Inc. Interval training), Resistance & Stability Ball Training, Advanced Techniques and Periodisation of programmes.
Screening & Testing Medical screening, Health Appraisals, Medical Referral, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Body Composition, Muscular & Respiratory Strength and Endurance, Flexibility, Aerobic Endurance
Special Populations     Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma, Arthritis plus Pre and Post Natal
Nutrition Pre and Post exercise Nutrition, Dietary Advice available to tailor clients’ individual Needs and wants (Including training Goals
RNT – Member of the Register of Nutritional Therapists, Level 1
MRNA - Member of the Register of Nutritional Advisors 

Premier Training International                       Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy & Body Massage       

Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, nature and cause of injuries, common injuries in sport and exercise. Inflammation and repair of soft tissue, fracture classification and repair, post injury complications and medical conditions.
Safety and contra-indications, effects and benefits of sports massage, application of massage, cryotherapy, principles of rehabilitation, notation and psychology of injury.
Sports massage techniques, clinical, pre and post event management. Assessment of joint movements and muscle power, assessment for postural dysfunction, initial management of the soft tissue injuries, rehabilitation and exercise routines, soft tissue manipulation, muscle energy, neuromuscular, positional release and soft tissue release techniques. 


                           Marc Edwards, Personal Training, K5 Health and Fitness, Stratford Upon Avon, Cardiff, Rehabilitation

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