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"You’ll get 100% commitment, enthusiasm and passion from me about helping you
achieve your health and fitness potential"

As a fitness professional, Marc offers a wide range of services tailored to each individual client. Whether they are people looking to change their appearance for personal reasons or a team of sports people wishing to improve their performance, or Personal Trainers wishing to expand their knowledge, Marc will discuss, plan, implement and help them through the complete duration.

Everybody is unique, therefore there really is no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals.  This is why you will be taken through an individual journey step by step with effective methods of personal training.

"My aim is to give the best training using various methods and tailor made nutrition
advice to every one of my clients. This will guarantee their health and fitness goals are

From the first meeting, we agree to work together and begin a journey. Change is not easy, 
it takes effort on your part too. To get the results you desire, you need to prepare yourself for
some hard work.



Personal Training Services

Body Transformation Programme.

After a comprehensive 90 min consultation and postural assessment allows Marc to make recommendations based on your unique physiology and will help you understand the best strategy regarding nutrition and exercise. It will leave you looking, feeling and functioning at your best.

Your health, energy levels, and body shape will change for sure but more than that, you will learn to adopt a way of eating, training and living you can maintain after the 12 week programme.

Six weeks to a slimmer you Programme

Tried every diet and failed to achieve the body you want. Lost weight in the past, only
to put it right back on again?  Ladies, your solution is here!

This is a 6-week programme that is designed to help you achieve that fabulous feeling of looking great in
your favorite summer dress or skinny jeans. 
Commitment is everything in this programme,
you’ll be training 3 times a week and expected to adopt the recommended nutrition plan.
The combination of the most effective resistance exercises and cardio fitness will definitely
put you through your paces.



Mates Rates Training

This is small group training that gives you the same quality training experience as private training, except the sessions are not one-to-one.

Training with a maximum of three people – ‘Mates Rates’ is ideal for friends, work colleagues or even partners who want to train together.  It’s more cost effective and training with others gives you added encouragement, and, just like private training you can get amazing results!


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